The new football season is about to start and there’s no doubt that life on the gridiron can be a grind. Football is a tough sport that takes a real toll on the body in practice and when facing an opposing team.

Physiotherapists are amongst the largest body of practitioner’s in football and have been the mainstay of medical care for the past 50 years.

The Physiotherapist’s role in football is based largely around the management of Neuromusculoskletal conditions with diagnosis and treatment from first injury until return to play.

Younger players are most likely to suffer sprains and strains. This is because it takes time for their joints and ligaments to fully mature which makes them more susceptible to fracture and injury. Football players of any age are mostly injured in their shoulder, knees, and ankles, however, there are many other places that could be hurt and some are not as obvious.

A concussion, for example, is a serious football injury that can wreak havoc on a player’s career and day-to-day life. A concussion happens when the head suffers a traumatic injury. Concussions are very serious because they are hidden injuries. Players may seem all right for a short while, but the effects of it can appear later on after the injury.

PROTx Services caters to many types of sports injuries with innovative technology and expert practitioners. A football injury can often mean the end of game play if not treated properly and on time. Physiotherapy helps in the relief from pain and with the right exercise and treatment, players can get back on the field as soon as possible.

If you’re a football player and been injured recently our practitioners can help decrease your chance of missing out on future games.

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