Foot and Ankle Pain

Ankle injuries are a common occurrence in many of the steps we take every day. Ankle pain can be caused by something as minor as an ill-fitting shoe or as major as an injury. Like most of us, you spend an incredible amount of time using your feet every day, and if you are suffering from foot and ankle pain, your life most likely will be greatly impacted. It can cause agony when taking the stairs, walking a block to your office, or even driving your car.

The unique design of the ankle makes it a very stable joint. This joint has to be stable in order to withstand 1.5 times your body weight as you walk and up to 8 times your body weight as you are running.

Normal ankle function is needed to walk with a smooth and nearly effortless gait. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support the ankle joint need to work together to propel the body. Conditions that disturb the normal way the ankle works makes it difficult to do your activities without pain or problems.

How Physiotherapy Can Help?

Ensuring proper medical and rehabilitation after any ankle injury is critical to optimize the function of the ankle and prevent future injury. Our PROTx Services physiotherapists will be able to help you through the entire healing process, from managing your pain and swelling to returning to your favourite activity.

As you begin to heal remember that it is important to avoid "running ahead" of the healing process. Many re-injuries of the ankle come from expectation for maximum performance of the joint too soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

You do not require a doctor’s referral to attend physiotherapy, chiropractic or massage therapy. However, if you intend to use your health insurance to cover the cost you should confirm your insurers policy as some may ask you for a doctor’s referral.

The advantage of choosing a service provider that works in a collaborative practice environment like PROTx is that regardless of who you see initially, you will always be directed to the most appropriate therapist. This team environment gives you, the client, the best possible options.

Your therapist will perform an assessment. You will be asked a series of questions that will help better describe all of your symptoms in detail. This will be followed by an examination of the areas causing concern and associated areas. Following the assessment, the findings, your goals and available treatment options will be discussed.

The first appointment can take up to an hour. Subsequent treatments can be shorter or longer depending upon the condition and the treatment required.

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