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Our team at PROTx strives to make your experience exceptional by offering excellent customer service and highly qualified practitioners. We offer physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic and more for residents from Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, Eastern Passage and beyond! We have appointment times from early morning to evening. Practitioners work together in a multidisciplinary setting so you can access all the expertise we have to offer. Our additional services include: off-the-shelf products, custom braces and occupational therapy.

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Parkton Wellness Centre- 842 Portland Street, suite 102, Dartmouth -Access the clinic from Portland Hills Drive.

Tel: +1 (902) 334 2300


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Our amazing team encourage and support clients to achieve their health and wellness goals. Check out the Practitioner Bios in our 'About Us' section.

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842 Portland Street, suite 102, Dartmouth, B2W 0N2