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We provide the Professional Therapy services you deserve!

OUR FOCUS is on providing a positive and professional client experience. We will empower our clients to maximize their personal contribution and to achieve success.

As a Nova Scotian company, we at PROTx Services are thrilled to be able to work with clients from many areas of this great province. Our professional team offers decades of experience. This experience, along with a caring and compassionate approach, allows you and your family to successfully meet and exceed your goals.

Our Values

We Believe In Client-Centred Care

We put the client’s needs first by providing the highest quality care that is compassionate, impactful, and fully accessible.

We Are Community-Focused

We support our communities through active participation and funding community initiatives.

We Are Team Committed

We recognize the strength that comes only through working as a team and supporting each member so everyone can maximize their personal contribution.

We Are PROFunErgetic

We have a fierce pride in that which makes us unique; fostering an atmosphere that is all at once professional, fun, and energetic!

The PROTx Team

Our team offers therapy services which encourage and support our clients to achieve health & wellness. We are proud to serve many Nova Scotian communities, including Elmsdale, East Hants, Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, Portland Hills, Sackville and Stewiacke.

Dan Purcell - Physiotherapist & EOS Visionary

Dan grew up in the Cole Harbour/ Lawrencetown area. He attended Saint Mary's University for his BComm degree and then went on to take his Bachelors of Science in Physiotherapy at Dalhousie University. Dan is passionate about working with clients who are active, self motivated and appreciate the value of living a healthy lifestyle. He enjoys helping individuals set physical health/wellness goals and supporting their achievement of those goals through the intervention he provides during their physical therapy sessions.

Dan's favorite sayings is "what you do outside of the clinic is more important than what you do when you are here". He firmly believes that Physiotherapy is a critical piece of the health/wellness puzzle but that without all of the other pieces it will never be complete.

Dan enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, travelling (#vanlife) and spending quality time with his family and friends. He thrives on focused time and committing to and achieving personal and professional goals. Dan has stepped away from clinical practice to focus on the growth of the business with the goal of becoming the 'go to' location for injury management and health/wellness services in greater Halifax.

Jeff Rooney- Physiotherapist & EOS Integrator

Jeff Rooney attended Western University and graduated from the Physiotherapy program in 1996. Jeff’s roots are in a small farming community in Southern Ontario and he has lived in Nova Scotia since 1999.

Jeff has always enjoyed his time helping clients recover from various injuries. Listening to the client and utilizing an integrated health approach have been the keys to Jeff’s success in helping people improve.

Jeff also has extensive knowledge and experience in the operations of the health care business. He has owned and/or managed over 20 clinics in Atlantic Canada. Jeff also spent 5 years as the President of the NS College of Physiotherapists and held the position of National Director of Operations for a group of over 100 physiotherapy clinics across Canada.

Away from work, you can find Jeff paddle boarding or perfecting his 'washers' game at the cottage. And every 25 years he goes hang-gliding!

Dr. Andrew Martin - Chiropractor & Chiropractic Division Lead

Born and raised in Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Dr. Martin first graduated from UNB with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology before moving onto the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto to complete his Doctorate of Chiropractic. Throughout his athletic and academic careers, a strong foundation of functional rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and manual therapy was built.

This paved the way for his evidence and movement-based treatment philosophy which integrates manual therapy, rehabilitation, strength training, nutrition, stress management, sleep hygiene and goal setting
to optimize patients’ health, well-being and quality of life.

Outside of the clinic, you can find Dr. Andrew enjoying the great outdoors and on the golf course while being heavily involved in athletics and community events around the HRM.

Dr. Sarah Broders - Chiropractor

Dr. Sarah Broders was born and raised in Newfoundland where she first graduated with a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology at Memorial University, before moving to Toronto to complete the Doctor of Chiropractic program. She wanted to become a chiropractor from a young age after seeing the positive impact it had on her family’s active lifestyle.

Sarah believes in providing evidence-based, individualized care to help people move pain-free, achieve their goals, and get back to what they love doing. Treatments can involve soft tissue therapy, spinal manipulation or mobilization, neurofunctional acupuncture, education, and rehabilitation. Sarah has specific, advanced training for working with women during and after pregnancy.

When she is not in clinic, you can find Sarah outdoors with her dog, Billy. Together they love to stay active by hiking, running, swimming, and exploring Nova Scotia.

Dr. Nick Kobelka - Chiropractor

Dr. Kobelka was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and first studied in the Bachelor of Science program at the University of Manitoba prior to completing his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario where he graduated with clinic honours.

During his tenure at CMCC, Dr. Nick worked as a medical intake assistant at Medylex Medical Examinations, working directly with Neurologists, Physiatrist, Rheumatologists, and Psychiatrists on third-party medical assessments.

Dr. Nick uses an evidence-based, goal-orientated approach to find the root cause of the individual’s pain and offers patient-centered treatment plans tailored to each person’s unique injury/complaint. Dr. Nick’s treatment approaches included manipulation and mobilization, soft tissue therapy, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, rehabilitative exercise, functional integrated acupuncture and structured patient education.

Dr. Nick is a member of the Canadian Chiropractic Association and the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors. Outside the clinic, he enjoys sports, Crossfit, hiking and outdoor activities, and spending time with his friends and family.

Dr. Sarah Dobbin - Chiropractor

Dr. Sarah Dobbin is originally from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. She received her Masters of Chiropractic with Distinction from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in the United Kingdom. She also has certification in Kinesiology Taping. Dr. Sarah’s area of interest is in Family Chiropractic care.

Growing up Dr. Sarah was a competitive paddler (sprint canoe/kayak) at a national level. She was involved in a variety of sports including rugby, gymnastics, soccer, skating, skiing & snowboarding.

Dr. Sarah loves learning new recipes, exploring the outdoors, spending time with her loved ones, and with her French Bulldog, Bailey!

“What I love most about being a Chiropractor is helping my clients with their muscle and joint issues through hands-on therapy so they can reach their goals and live healthier lives.”

Jennifer Appleby - Physiotherapist & Physiotherapy Division Lead

Jennifer graduated with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from Dalhousie University. During her career she spent time working with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ivan Wong in the treatment of pre and post-operative hip, knee, and shoulder patients.

Prior to her physiotherapy degree, Jennifer received a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from Acadia University in 2004. She was the athletic trainer for the women's basketball team and played on the women's club hockey team.
Jennifer has taken many post-secondary courses in acupuncture, manual therapy, SI joint, pelvis, jaw, hip and lumbar spine.

Jennifer and her husband live in middle Sackville with their two beautiful boys. They can usually be found around a rink or ball field. Jennifer plays softball and has represented Nova Scotia at many international, national and provincial championships.

Adam Becker - Physiotherapist

Adam is originally from Bridgewater Nova Scotia. "He graduated from Dalhousie University in 2016 with a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy. Prior to that he graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2008 with Bachelors degree in Kinesiology and in 2011 with a Masters degree in Kinesiology.

Adam has extensive continuing education courses including; Level 1 Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy, Advanced Physiotherapy Lower Extremity Certification Program (APTEI), Sahrmann's Movement System Impairment Syndromes, Acupuncture Canada Dry Needling Level 1, Smart Seminars Biomedical Dry Needling: Course 1 and 2, Smart Seminars: Thoracic Manipulative Therapy. He has a particular interest in orthopaedics/musculoskeletal injuries. In Adam's free time he enjoys playing tennis, golfing and spending time with his wife Kaitlyn and daughter Chloe.

Sally Rowter Manley - Physiotherapist

Originally from Kejimkujik, Nova Scotia, Sally graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy in 2006. Prior to completing her degree in Physiotherapy, she graduated with honours from ICT Northumberland College with a diploma in Massage Therapy in 2002.

Sally has been a practicing Physiotherapist in the Elmsdale community for the past 15 years. Post-graduate courses that Sally has completed include: Level 1 Upper Quadrant Diploma of Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy, Acupuncture Level 1, Level I/II Advanced Vestibular Training (focus in BPPV), MAT Level 1 Pilates for Core Rehabilitation, Sacroiliac Joint and Pelvis Complex (Part I and II), Custom knee bracing with Bledsoe, Gait Analysis & Custom Orthotic Therapy: TOG System, Temporomandibular joint training for diagnosis of conditions and treatment (specialized in lock jaw), earned certification in 2006 for Biomedical dry needling. Sally is a certified Independent Medical Consultant (IMC) by the Nova Scotia Physiotherapy Association for continued treatment and diagnosis of conditions post motor vehicle collision.

In her spare time, Sally enjoys spending time with her young son and husband. She can be found enjoying the outdoors by downhill skiing, hiking and playing golf with her family.

Julie Briand-Sleigh - Physiotherapist

Originally from Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia, Julie graduated from Dalhousie University in 2017 with a Master of Science Degree in Physiotherapy. Prior to completing her physiotherapy degree, she originally pursued a career in engineering and has her Bachelor of Science and Master of Applied Science degrees in Civil Engineering.

Julie has continued her education with the following postgraduate courses: Level 1 Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy, Smart Seminar’s Certification in Biomedical Dry Needling, Shirley Sahrmann’s Intro to Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Lumbar Spine, Hip and Shoulder, and Smart Seminar’s Thoracic Manipulative Therapy. In 2020 she completed the School of Structural Therapy’s courses in Lumbosacral & Pelvic Soft Tissue Techniques, Cervical Soft Tissue Techniques, Upper & Lower Extremity Soft Tissue Techniques, and Scapulothoracic Soft Tissue Techniques. She also has further postgraduate training in treating concussion/post-concussion syndrome and has treated these clients regularly over the last 3.5 years.

Julie truly enjoys helping people suffering from persistent pain conditions, and has worked extensively with these clients for years. Focusing on the impact pain has on daily life, Julie assesses using a manual therapy hands-on approach combined with her knowledge of functional movement. She works with her clients to offer comprehensive treatment addressing biomechanical deficits, movement dysfunction, and other related barriers preventing a client’s physical recovery.

Julie’s goal is for each of her clients to return to their lives empowered with knowledge and with greater physical capability than before they were injured.

Gareth Lo ( Siu On ) - Physiotherapist

Gareth was born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada in 2019. He has completed his BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy and MSc (Hons) in Manipulative Physiotherapy. Gareth has a particular interest in musculoskeletal and orthopaedics injuries. He enjoys sports, especially soccer and basketball and typically plays every week.

During holidays, Gareth plans to travel with his family to other countries of the world.

Kim Goulden- Physiotherapist

Kim graduated from Dalhousie University with a BSc (Bio) and a BSc. (Physiotherapy). She is certified by the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada (level I) and has broadened her skills by taking many manual therapy courses.

Kim has treated numerous conditions including muscle and joint pain, neurological dysfunction and general rehabilitation and conditioning. Her style of treatment focuses on manual therapy, supported by modalities and exercise prescription. Kim enjoys collaborating with various other health disciplines to give a diverse treatment experience to her clients. She has extensive experience with work-related injuries and motor vehicle collision injuries.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys spending time with her family (husband, children and pets); hiking, sailing or just relaxing watching a movie.

Madison Campbell- Physiotherapist

Madison graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2015 followed by a Master of Science in Physiotherapy in 2021. She is certified in Biomedical Dry Needling and has passed her Advanced Integrated Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Program Level 1 Examination. Madison is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and licensed with the Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists as a Physiotherapy Resident.

Madison is passionate about treating various musculoskeletal conditions. She primarily uses manual therapy in combination with exercise and modalities. Madison takes pride in getting to know her clients. She ensures that an individual’s goals are addressed and that the client plays an active part of their rehabilitation plan.

Madison participates
in various sports such as soccer, frisbee and running. Over the years, she has
been an active member in the Cole Harbour/Dartmouth area as a certified soccer
coach for females and powerchair athletes. Ultimately, being able to contribute
to the wellness of her community is Madison’s goal.

Tony Priest - Physiotherapy Resident

Tony grew up in Halifax and completed his Kinesiology degree prior to graduating with his Masters in Physiotherapy at Dalhousie University. His love of sports helped to guide him in this direction and Tony plans to focus on the areas of exercise rehabilitation and Sports Physiotherapy.

“What I love most about being a physiotherapist is being able to help clients achieve their specific goals and make a positive change in their physical function and quality of life. I enjoy being able to make strong therapeutic relationships and helping clients get back to doing the things they love.”

Tony plays softball and golf throughout the summer and basketball year-round. He likes to spend time (and play sports) with friends and family.

Kelly Tarso - Massage Therapist & Massage Therapy Division Lead

Kelly grew up in Stellarton Nova Scotia and graduated from Northumberland College as an RMT in 2002. Her career has allowed her to both work and continue her massage studies in Europe and the Caribbean. She excels at deep tissue and myofascial massage techniques as well she is passionate about natural health and wellness.

Kelly is proud to have managed luxury spas and wellness retreats for the past decade and recently moved back to Nova Scotia with her son Kingsley and her dog Chase.

Emma Miles - Massage Therapist

A proud resident of Hants County, Emma graduated in 2016 after completing a 2200 hour program at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. During her studies, Emma specialized in the treatment of Arthritis, Chronic Pain and deep tissue massage, including the incorporation of ‘cupping’ with her patients.

Emma enjoys hiking and exploring around Nova Scotia in her spare time.

Katie Eaton - Massage Therapist

Katie graduated from ICT Northumberland College in 2004 and has been actively involved in massage therapy, health, and fitness since then.

She holds many certifications for massage therapy, including deep tissue, myofascial release, cupping, as well as special training to assist clients living with cancer. She is a member of the Nova Scotia Fitness Association as a group fitness leader and hopes to pursue certification in personal training. As a certified Bellyfit instructor Katie has taught women's fitness classes since 2013.

Katie lives in Middle Musquodoboit with her husband and son. When not working with clients she enjoys dancing, fitness, hiking and exploring the province with her family.

Stephanie Locke- Massage Therapist

Stephanie graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2014. She has taken continuing education course in Cupping, Indian Head Massage, Jade Stone Therapy, and is currently completing a myofascial release course.

Stephanie's areas of interest include treating sports injuries, seniors, and veterans. She enjoys creating treatment plans to relieve injuries but also creating strategies to prevent them.

In her free time, you will find Stephanie reading while drinking coffee, hiking or spending time with her niece and family.

Tahnee Roach - Massage Therapist

Tahnee is from Toronto, Ontario where she graduated from CCMH in 2014 with honors. After living out west for a time, she moved to Halifax and began practicing Massage Therapy in Bedford and Fall River.

Tahnee is a Fascial Stretch Therapist which is the main focus of her practice. Lengthening muscle and mobilizing joints are the goal with every treatment. She encourages all people, from high level athletes to those with restricted mobility, to try a stretching session with her. Tahnee takes a slow and focused approach to each client to help them reach their goals.

In her free time, Tahnee is looking for where she can travel to next or exploring more of Nova Scotia.

Trini McDonald- Massage Therapist

Trini graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH) in 2006,after successfully completing the 2200 hour Massage Therapy program. During her studies, Trini specialized in Sports Therapy, and continued her education to obtain additional certifications in Deep Tissue Therapy, Myofascial Release, Cupping, Stretch to win, and CanFit Pro personal training.

Trini works with her clients to offer treatment plans that are respectful of individual patient preferences, needs, and comfort levels. She strives to inspire trust, build confidence and provide a safe space while focusing on supportive healing.

Trini is originally from British Columbia, but has called Nova Scotia home for the last 19 years. She enjoys hiking, camping, and kayaking with her son, and has spent several years volunteering as a Scouts Canada Leader.

Zach Jones - Massage Therapist

Born and raised in the Halifax area, Zach has been involved in martial arts for 16 years, and is currently a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach. Following an unfulfilling stint as an accountant, Zach decided to follow his passion of learning about the human body. This resulted in him gaining a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University and a Massage Therapy Diploma from ICT Northumberland College. Skilled in deep tissue massage, Zach believes in using a balanced approach, finding the appropriate treatment for each client. With life experience as a desk worker and an athlete, Zach is passionate about helping people from all walks of life.

Bernadette Matthews - Massage Therapist

Bernadette was born and raised in Sheet Harbour Nova Scotia. She graduated from ICT Northumberland with Honours in 2000 and has worked in a variety of clinical settings ever since. Currently, Bernadette lives in Stewiacke.

Over the years Bernadette has taken numerous courses, including Myofascial release, Cranial Unwinding, hot stone massage, Pregnancy and Infant massage. She specializes in deep tissue and chronic pain treatment.

In her free time, Bernadette likes to hike, swim, read and be outdoors exploring all Nova Scotia has to offer. She has been a leader with 4H Nova Scotia for many years and enjoys volunteering in the community.

Emma Van Every - Massage Therapist

Emma is a young professional getting back into her life long dream to help heal those around her and her community.
Emma realized at a young age she loved massage and helping others so, after graduating high school, she enrolled at Eastern College's Massage Therapy program. After 22 months, many hours of hands on practice and a lot of studying, she graduated with Honours and Distinction February 2022.

Emma grew up in Pictou county and has been living in HRM since 2018, where she quickly fell in love with the city and people in it. When not working she can often be found hiking or on an adventure with her friends and dog.

Natasha Pollock - Massage Therapist

Natasha graduated from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy Calgary in 2019 after growing up in the city. Upon graduating, she started specializing in motor vehicle accident injuries and chronic neck and shoulder conditions. After dealing with long time whiplash symptoms due to accidents, Natasha believes in the possibilities of being able to relieve pain and create a better life balance for her clients.

After living in Banff for a time she decided to expand her horizons into the east and experience the sea lifestyle. In her off time you can catch her practicing yoga, climbing and hiking. On a nice slow evening she enjoys crocheting, reading a good book and playing fetch with her cat Pierre.

Naomi Hunt - Massage Therapist

Born and raised in Riverview, New Brunswick, Naomi has always had an interest in the medical, health & wellness industry and she is very passionate about helping others feel their best!

Naomi first became a licensed optician, practicing for 7 years. She then wanted to challenge herself more in the health and wellness field, which led her to start her new passion in the massage therapy, graduating with her two year degree of Massage Therapy from Eastern College. Naomi specializes in Deep tissue massages however, she continues her practice in other areas as well.

In Naomi's spare time she enjoys running, hiking and pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Stephanie Barber - Massage Therapist

Stephanie graduated from Northumberland School of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2016 and is a member in good standing with the Massage Therapy Association of Nova Scotia. For the last 7 years Stephanie has been treating in the Bedford area, but has now chosen to move a little closer to home. She is excited to be part of another multidisciplinary clinic to work as a team to ensure optimal treatment for each client.

Stephanie hopes to have a positive impact in the lives of clients ranging from elite level athletes (both youth and adult) to helping those with various physical disabilities, improve their quality of life through various massage therapy techniques. Focusing on deep tissue, decompression therapy (cupping), pregnancy massage, and myofascial release.

Stephanie has taken continuing education courses in: Graston Technique, Decompression Therapy/Cupping, Fascial and Joint Dysfunction, NeuroKinetic Therapy, Sports Massage and basic reflexology.

If Stephanie is not working, she is often outside enjoying the beaches, reading or hanging out with family and friends.

Lindsay Smith - Massage Therapist

Lindsay has a deep love for East Hants having grown up in Dutch Settlement for much of her life. Her experience playing baseball in her youth has developed in her a lifelong curiosity of how the body works and how to increase human potential through movement. This, combined with her 17 years of customer service experience, make her a natural fit for massage therapy.

Graduating from Eastern College in 2023, Lindsay is well trained in myofascial release, trigger point therapy, pain management, and deep relaxation techniques. Her skills also include; recovery and preventative care, postural dysfunction, chronic, acute and sub acute conditions.

Lindsay is registered with MTANS and has CPR and First AID level A training. Lindsay loves a good beach, adventures and discovering new places, often driving with her friends to destinations unknown until they are on the road.

Deanna Morash- Massage Therapist

Deanna grew up in Fletchers Lake, Nova Scotia. She completed her Massage Therapy training at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Halifax.

Deanna has additional training in Gua Sha massage, Cupping, pelvic re-balancing and light fascial release. Her areas of interest include Manual Lymph Drainage and fascial courses.

Deanna loves to watch action and adventure movies, and going for walks in the fall. Her bucket list includes traveling to Scotland.

“My favorite part about my job is the one-on-one attention that I give clients and listening to what is bothering them at the moment, then coming up with a treatment plan to obtain the goal to get better.

Robyn Strangward - Massage Therapist

Robyn is from Halifax and graduated with her Massage Therapy Diploma from Eastern College in Halifax. Her areas of interest include helping with pain management, trigger point therapy and myofascial release. Robyn is looking forward to taking cupping, hot stones and Guasha courses.

Robyn is a compassionate therapist who loves to help clients achieve balance, relieve pain and ease tension so they can live their lives to the fullest.

“I love that massage therapy is a way to significantly reduce stress in the mind and body and is a great way to improve injuries and chronic pain to promote overall health and healing.”

Outside of work, Robyn loves hiking and helping the homeless cat population.

Sidney Slaunwhite - Massage Therapist

Sidney graduated with her Massage Therapy Diploma from Eastern College in Halifax. She is already planning to continue her education with Cupping and Guasha courses.

Sidney has a particular interest in General Swedish Massage techniques, hydrotherapy for therapeutic and relaxation massages along with deep tissue, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, passive stretching and fascial work. She has treated a broad range of clients including those with MS, Fibromyalgia, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, strains, sprains, arthritis, frozen shoulder, headaches and much more.

Sidney loves spending time with family, her dog and any activity that involves being outside. She is passionate about health and wellness.

“What I love most about being a Massage Therapist is helping people feel better in any way I can. I worked at the IWK for 8 years before realizing I wanted to do more to help people, that’s when I decided to get into massage therapy.”

Carina Smith - Massage Therapist

Carina is originally from Lunenburg and she attained her diploma in Massage Therapy from ICT Northumberland College in Halifax.

Carina has over nine years of experience and has advanced training in: Indian Head massage, RAPID - Upper Body Series (Adhesion Release Technique Course), Cupping, Breast Massage, Diaphragm and PSOAS Release Course, Reflexology of the Foot, Prenatal massage, Infant Massage, Acid Reflux and Vocal Strain, TMJ Mastery, DONA Birth Doula Course, Level 1 Taping.

“What I love most about being a RMT is that I get to help clients see results and get to see physical improvement with my work.”

Rebekah Richards - Massage Therapist

Rebekah is originally from Cape Breton and she attained her Massage Therapy diploma from Eastern College in Halifax. Rebekah’s areas of interest include: TMJ, Post Surgery Rehabilitation, Fascial Treatments and Lymphatic work.

Outside of work, Rebekah enjoys working out, hiking, traveling and spending time with family.

“My primary objective is to help my clients find relief from pain, stress or any other discomfort that might be affecting their daily lives.”

Meghan MacLeod  - Occupational Therapist

Meghan MacLeod graduated with a Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy in 2016 from Dalhousie University. Her primary focuses are Return to Work Planning, Job Site Visits, Home Assessments, Ergonomic Assessments, goal setting, pain management, and energy conservation techniques. She works with clients who have been injured at work, in a motor vehicle accident, pre- and post-surgery, Veteran's, and other adults who are not able to engage in activities they find meaningful and important. Additionally, Meghan is formally trained in completing Matheson Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) and a large part of her job involves coordinating services with other team members, employers, insurance providers, community resources, and setting up clients with appropriate sources.

Occupational Therapists utilize their knowledge in the human body, community, and a whole person approach to assist with functioning in activities meaningful to each individual. Meghan is passionate about engaging in daily occupation as a means to live your best life. Prior to Occupational Therapy Meghan graduated with a Bachelor of Kinesiology from Acadia University in 2011. After graduation she worked as a research assistant and retail in Halifax. Her interest in human wellness and overall health drew her to Occupational Therapy.

When she isn’t working, you can find her teaching Spin classes, running, exploring local Nova Scotia culture and cuisine, and spending time with her family and friends.

Vanessa McColl - Psychologist

Vanessa graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor’s in Psychology with Distinction. Upon completing this degree, she moved to Nova Scotia to complete her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Acadia University and graduated in 2010. She completed her practicum in clinical assessment and internship in psychotherapy at Annapolis Valley Health (AVH) Adult Community Mental Health Services in Kentville.

Vanessa provides psychotherapy to adults for a wide variety of issues such as anxiety, mood disorders, assertiveness, and personal growth. She specializes in treating clients who have been injured, have chronic pain, or have other significant health problems.

Vanessa has also expanded her knowledge base to include training in trauma-based therapy such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Kate Elliott - Leadership Team

Kate has spent over 20 years working in the healthcare field as well as the non-profit sector. She enjoys the ever changing trends of marketing and the dynamic tools available to tell stories. In her spare time Kate enjoys walking, biking, spending time with her family and taking photos of her dog sleeping.

Karen Scott - Leadership Team

Karen is from Upper Rawdon, Nova Scotia. She enjoys spending time with her family (husband and 3 sons) especially camping and hiking.

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