Hip Pain & Injury

Your hip is the joint where your thigh bone meets your pelvic bone. Hips are called ball-and socket joints because the ball-like top of your thigh bone moves within a cup-like space in your pelvis.

A hip injury can be one of the most serious injuries a person can suffer and can lead to long-term health problems if not addressed properly. Football, soccer, and rugby athletes are most prone to suffering hip injuries. However, hip injuries can also occur by accident, from a bad fall, or from a quick and awkward movement.

Hip pain is typically felt in one of three places; the groin, outer hip, or deep buttock. The location of the pain directly corresponds to the dysfunction around that area. Most hip pain stems from limited motion of the hip causing abnormal pressure to one or multiple muscles, tendons or ligaments in the area. In acute pain situations, pressure can be felt deep in the groin or outer hip. However, radiating pain can be felt into the thigh or even the knee.

How Our Team Can Help

Our therapists speak with you one-on-one to collect information about the injury/pain and perform a thorough evaluation to determine where your pain is coming from. In assessing your hip range of motion, strength and joint mobility, we determine your limitations and formulate a treatment plan.

Improving your joint mobility, strength and range of motion will help you to restore pain free walking and activities. Give us a call today to discover how we can help you quickly relieve your hip pain.


Frequently Asked Questions

You do not require a doctor’s referral to attend physiotherapy, chiropractic or massage therapy. However, if you intend to use your health insurance to cover the cost you should confirm your insurers policy as some may ask you for a doctor’s referral.

The advantage of choosing a service provider that works in a collaborative practice environment like PROTx is that regardless of who you see initially, you will always be directed to the most appropriate therapist. This team environment gives you, the client, the best possible options.

Your therapist will perform an assessment. You will be asked a series of questions that will help better describe all of your symptoms in detail. This will be followed by an examination of the areas causing concern and associated areas. Following the assessment, the findings, your goals and available treatment options will be discussed.

The first appointment can take up to an hour. Subsequent treatments can be shorter or longer depending upon the condition and the treatment required.

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