Let’s start with the fact that healing requires inflammation. When you damage tissue through trauma or develop muscle soreness by exercising you heal by using your immunity, the same biological mechanisms that kill germs within you. This is what we know as inflammation.

When muscles and other tissues are damaged, your immunity sends inflammatory cells to the damaged tissue to promote healing. The inflammatory process is normal but often over reacts. This puts pressure on various structures, like our nerves, which results in pain. Ice, in this case, can help decrease that pain response helping muscles and other injuries heal.

Applying ice to an acute injury will help to slow down blood flow and reduce the inflammatory response. Ice can be applied for 10 minutes at a time and taken off for 20 minutes and then repeated. But, be certain to never put ice right on the skin. Use a wet towel in between the ice and your skin as a buffer.

Should you become injured, stop exercising immediately. If the pain is severe, if you are unable to move or if you are confused or even lose consciousness, you should immediately seek emergency medical attention.

We want the body to do its part in healing, providing it’s helpful healing, and we want to get people back “in the game” as soon as possible.

The goal of physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy after an injury is comfortable, protected movement to your body as early as possible. And, if using ice assists in regaining movement, then use that wonderful pain-reliever accordingly.

If you are experiencing any pain following an injury be sure to book an appointment with any of our PROTx Services teams at one of our locations today.